Our Philosophy


To create values for its stock holders, business partners, contributors, and for society, offering superior solutions in rock dismantling services, explosives and initiation systems, working in an ethical, safe and environmentally friendly way.


Britanite aims to be recognized, until the end of the 2010’s, as one of the two largest private companies in Latin America in the rock dismantling, civil explosives and initiation systems market.


1.      Integrity: ethics, honesty and justice drive all our actions and decisions, creating an environment of trust.

2.      Openness and honesty: discussion of ideas and opinions in a rational and frank way throughout all organization levels as well as with our business partners.

3.      Team work: individual commitment with the group and directed at accomplishing missions according to the company’s vision.

4.      Entrepreneurship: giving value to individual initiatives in order to create opportunities and results.

5.      Equal opportunities: decisions and actions are totally free of any kind of prejudice, such as gender, race or social class.

6.      Technology, quality and safety: commitment to operating within international excellence standards.

7.      Citizenship: the company contributes to the sustainable development of the social and economic structure of communities and shows responsibility towards environmental preservation.