Health and Well-Being

We believe the well-being of our employees is one of the pillars for the company’s sustainable growth. Therefore, we make it a point to go beyond legislative requirements and created the Occupational Health Department, which offers a fully equipped clinic and a team of medical, nursing and work psychology professionals.

Prevention is also of one the company’s guidelines to avoid health damage caused by inadequate posture and behaviour or by risks resulting from the presence of harmful agents in the work environment. Thus, we analyse the profile of each employee in order to assign them work which is compatible with their physiological and psychological aptitudes, adapting the job to the employees, and every employee to their job.

Britanite’s Quality of Life Program

For us at Britanite, being socially responsible also means caring for our employees. We believe all of the dimensions of humans beings – physical, emotional, social and professional – are equally important, and must be developed with integration and balance.

Thus, we have created our Quality of Life Program, which offers our employees and their families a set of actions dedicated to well-being and that aims at helping them adopt a healthier life style. The program includes daily activities at work, as well as exercises and practices aimed at quality time and the general focus on health.