Britanite sees environmental protection as non-negotiable and vital for the sustainable development of society. Thus, environmental projects are relevant items in the areas in which the company invests.

Located in the Serra do Mar area, one of the last areas of Mata Atlântica (Atlantic Forest) in Brazil and a sanctuary for biodiversity conservation, Britanite is a proud to protect more than 60% of the area occupied by the company. Britanite is also proud of sheltering dozens of flora and fauna species, including rare animals and plants, according to information by environmental agencies. 

Our programs

Residue Management

Britanite works with the Solid Residue Management Program, which ensures practices such as selective garbage collection, recycling of materials and adequate destination for garbage dumps (for both organic and non-organic residues), and of chemical residues to industrial garbage dumps. Thus, residues are treated according to technical and legal specifications, and transported according to environmentally correct and proven safety standards.